Download Bandicam 4.1.3 + Key Copyright


Download Bandicam 4.1.3 is the latest version 2018 + Key Copyright

1. Introduce Bandicam software

Bandicam 4.1.3 is the latest version 2018 of this popular screen recording software. Because of its simple, lightweight, 4K video quality feature, Bandicam is the first choice of gamers who regularly post the video games they play to share to everyone on Youtube channel.


This latest version of Bandicam was released by the manufacturer on April 19, 2018 with new enhancements and correcting some of the bugs of its predecessor versions.

2. New features of Bandicam 4.1.3

Bandicam is considered the best game screen rotation software for gamers. It allows you to record screen with 4K UHD video quality and image quality up to > 60 FPS.


  • Bandicam compresses videos while you are recording. Therefore, the recorded file size is much smaller than other screen capture software with the same function.
  • During the process of playing games and rotating the screen at the same time, you will not feel the jerky, jerky. In other words, Bandicam does not affect the process you play.
  • You can upload recorded videos directly to YouTube quickly without having to convert the format (HD 720p / Full HD 1080p).
  • Bandicam can record high quality online games like Fraps.
  • You can record high quality videos with 4K Ultra HD at resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 in size and HD video at a maximum speed of 144fps.

3. Link to download the latest Bandicam + Copyright key + File crack

I will share with you the installation file, you can download the latest Bandicam this 2018 with the license key file for 1 year I put it there too. Your job is to download the installation file to open it and fill in the key. Link download here.

Link download with Google Drive


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