Download Diskeeper Professional 18 v20.0.1296.0


Diskeeper Professional is an advanced defragmentation program that can proactively prevent file fragmentation and automatically resolve file fragments. Diskeeper can defragment files quickly, defragment your drives regularly and also prevent fragmentation before it happens by optimizing the process of data being written to disk.

The program ensures enhanced PC, laptop and workstation with faster speed than new performance. It ensures continuous and large write clean from Windows, so fragmentation is no longer a problem for HDD or SSD. This prevents your hard drive from damaging and extending the life of the HDD and SSD.

Download Diskeeper Professional 18 v20.0.1296.0
Download Diskeeper Professional 18 v20.0.1296.0

Diskeeper Professional is the only proactive solution that solves problems in real time and increases performance faster than new with DRAM cache. The latest tools can dynamically use all memory if needed and increase storage bandwidth.

Main function:

  • Hot cache read from idle, DRAM available
  • Provides accelerated I / O performance and more.
  • Furthermore deploy hundreds or thousands of PCs easily
  • Improve productivity and business performance
  • Keep your computer and laptop running faster
  • Low cost with resource monitoring
  • Monitor disk, memory, network usage and CPU
  • Consequently Prevent performance robbery
  • Even more

What’s new in Diskeeper Pro 18:

  • First of all New hourly hourly view of Analytics
  • Another New extended defragmentation mode & efficient mode
  • New free space consolidation tool
  • New HyperBoot file access technology
  • Similarly new I / O Performance Monitoring Index
  • New IntelliMemory read optimizes I / O
  • Likewise new IntelliWrite writes optimized I / O
  • New InvisiTasking monitoring technology
  • Support new and easy network management
  • New report written and read display I / O
  • New Terabyte mass motor technology
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download and extract files
  2. Open the installation and install normally
  3. Exit the installation when completed
  4. Copy the file in the crack folder to the installation directory
  5. Finally Follow the detailed instructions “READMEFIRST.txt”
  6. Accomplished.

Link Download 

Download Diskeeper Professional 18 v20.0.1296.0


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