Download Foxit Reader 9.1.0 – Read and edit PDF files for free


What is Foxit Reader 9.1.0? What utilities does this software offer users? It is known that this is the software that helps users to read PDF documents in the easiest way. So with the new application version, are there any outstanding features or not? Let’s find out through the following information.

Foxit Reader 9.1.0 is known to be a popular application that helps users read PDF software easily. With the new version update application gives users more convenience. To better understand this application and how to download, please refer to the following information below.

What is Foxit Reader 9.1.0?

Foxit Reader is known for making it easy to read PDF files. This is a software of Foxit Software. This software is widely used by many people because it is very convenient to read documents. You can install the software on your computer or phone.

It’s application is supported by operating systems: Windows, Windows Mobile, U3, Linux, Symbian, Embedded Linux. And this software is written mainly in English language. You can choose to download software at quality software sites.

 Download Foxit Reader 9.1.0 - Read and edit PDF files for free
Download Foxit Reader 9.1.0 – Read and edit PDF files for free

What are the outstanding features of Foxit Reader 9.1.0?

Check out Foxit Reader 9.1.0’s outstanding features. Thereby you will understand why so many people choose to download this application.

  • Foxit Reader ‘s new interface is somewhat simpler and easier to see. Thus users will not encounter much difficulties with this software anymore.
  • New feature of the application is that you can use it to read PDF files easily. Moreover, you can read the comments of that document file too.
  • You can also use shortcuts to temporarily hide images or unrelated sections. Thereby you can focus on the important content to read.
  • With the new version of Foxit Reader, there are some new features to edit, delete, add content, change the font, change the color or distance and position of a paragraph easily.
  • Users are also allowed to insert images, embed videos or add any attachments, make notes to the document being read.
  • Excellent data security feature with password setting to protect the document.
  • Users can make reading, viewing, and creating new PDF files at their disposal.

Above are the outstanding features of this software. You can learn more and refer to the address to download quality software to download. Should pay attention to choose new software with many good features to bring utilities for later use.

Download Foxit Reader 9.1.0

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