Download Free Hydra MTK Tool V1.0.0.56 Full Setup File


Download Free Hydra MTK Tool V1.0.0.56 Full Setup File

Wink Hydra MTK Tool V1.0.0.56 – Auto Download Agent , New Models more Power

  • [+] Fix some issues
  • [+] Automatic Download Agent Download
  • [+] Changed – Uncheck Default for Enable Oneboot Option
  • [+] Online Updates for Models and brand Supported
  • [+] Enhanced Searching Hydra Dongle
    • No. of CPUID Supported : 90
    • No. of Brands Supported : 15
    • No. of Models Supported : 274
    • No. of Download Agent Supported : 88

Download Free Hydra MTK Tool V1.0.0.56:

Download Free Hydra MTK Tool V1.0.0.56 Full Setup File



Added Following Models :

[+] ZTE 

Z820 (Z820 Obsidian) 
BA611C (Voyage 4S) 
BA611T (Voyage 4S) 
Blade A110 
Blade A2 Plus 
Blade A210 
Blade A315 
Blade A410 
Blade A430 
Blade A450 
Blade A452 
Blade A465 
Blade A475 (Blade L4 Pro) 
Blade A476 
Blade A510 
Blade A511 
Blade A515 
Blade A520 
Blade A601 
Blade A610 
Blade A610 Plus 
Blade A610C 
Blade A910 
Blade Buzz 
Blade C2 
Blade C2 Plus 
Blade D2 
Blade G Lux 
Blade L2 
Blade L2 Plus 
Blade L3 
Blade L3 Lite 
Blade L3 Plus 
Blade L370 
Blade L4 Pro 
Blade L5 
Blade L5 Plus 
Blade L6 
Blade Q Lux 3G 
Blade Q Lux 4G 
Blade Q Lux 4G SS 
Blade V0721 (Blade A2S) 
Blade V0730 (Blade A610 Plus) 
Blade V580 (Blade V Plus) 
Blade V6 
Blade V7 
Blade V7 Lite 
Blade V7 Max 
Blade V7 Plus 
Blade V8 Lite 
Blade V809 
Blade Vec 
Blade Vec Pro 
Fit 4G Smart 
NX535J (Nubia Z11 Max) 
NX541J (Nubia N1) 
NX573J (Nubia M2 Lite) 
NX575J (Nubia N2) 
NX597J (Nubia N1 Lite) 
P172R10 (T815 Telstra Tempo 3G) 
T620 (Blade x3) 
T630 (Blade X5) 
T660 (Blade X7) 
T815 (Telstra Tempo) 
V815W (Blade Buzz) 
V816W (Blade Buzz) 
V829 (Blade G Plus) 
V830W (Blade G Lux) 
V880H (Blade G2) 
V967S (Skate 2) 
V972M (Leo S1) 
V993W (Blade V5) 

[+] Asus

X008 ZC520TL (ZenFone 3 Max) 
P00A (Z380M ZenPad 8.0)
P00C (Z300M ZenPad 10)
P028 (Z301M ZenPad 10)
P028 (Z301MF ZenPad 10)
X002 (T500TLT Pegasus)
X005 (T551TLC Pegasus 5000) 
X008 (ZC520TL Pegasus 3)
X008 (ZC520TL ZenFone 3 Max)
X008D (ZC520TL ZenFone 3 Max) 
X00GD (ZC521TL ZenFone 3S Max) 
X008DA (ZC520TL ZenFone 3 Max)
X008DC (ZC520TL ZenFone 3 Max)
X00K (ZB500TL ZenFone 4 Max)
X015D (ZC550TL ZenFone 4 Max Plus) 
X018D (ZB570TL ZenFone Max Plus M1) 
Z00SD (ZC451TG ZenFone Go Mini)
Z00VD (ZC500TG ZenFone Go)
Z00YD (G500TG Live)

[+]	MicroMax

A068 (Bolt A068)
A069 (Bolt A069)
A082 (Bolt A082)
A089 (Bolt A089)
A093 (Canvas Fire)
A096 (Canvas Fire 3)
A102 (Canvas Doodle 3)
A104 (Canvas Fire 2)
A106 (Unite 2)
A107 (Canvas Fire 4)
A108 (Canvas L)
A109 (Canvas XL 2)
A110Q (Canvas 2 Plus)
A114 (Canvas 2.2)
A116 (Canvas HD)
A116i (Canvas HD)
A117 (Canvas Magnus)
A119 (Canvas XL)
A120 (Canvas 2)
A177 (Canvas Juice)
A190 (Canvas HD Plus)
A200 (Canvas Turbo Mini)
A210 (Canvas 4)
A210 (Canvas 4)
A240 (Canvas Doodle 2)
A250 (Canvas Turbo)
A255 (Canvas Selfie)
A290 (Canvas Knight Cameo)
A300 (Canvas Gold)
A310 (Canvas Nitro)
A311 (Canvas Nitro)
A315 (Canvas 4 Plus)
A316 (Canvas Hue 2)
A350 (Canvas Knight)
A37 (Bolt A37)
A46 (Bolt A46)
A47 (Bolt A47)
A58 (Bolt A58)
A63 (Canvas Fun)
A74 (Canvas Fun)
A76 (Canvas Fun)
A77 (Canvas Juice)
A79 (Bolt A79)
A82 (Bolt A82)
A93 (Canvas Elanza)
A96 (Canvas Power)
A99 (Canvas Xpress)
AQ4501 (Canvas A1)
AQ4502 (Canvas A1)
AQ4750 (AQ4750)
AQ5000 (Canvas Hue)
AQ5001 (Canvas Juice 2)
B4A (Bharat 4A)
B5 (Bharat 5)
B5 Plus (Bharat 5 Plus)
B5 Pro (Bharat 5 Pro)
C1 (Canvas 1)
C1A (Canvas 1 2018)
C2A Plus (Canvas 2 Plus 2018)
D303 (Bolt D303)
D304 (Bolt D304)
D305 (Bolt D305)
D306 (Bolt D306) 
D320 (Bolt D320)
D321 (Bolt D321)
D340 (Bolt D340)
E311 (Canvas Nitro 2)
E313 (Canvas Xpress 2S)
E352 (Canvas Nitro 3)
E353 (Canvas Mega)
E451 (Canvas Pulse)
E453 (Canvas Evok Note)
E481 (Canvas 5)
E4815 (Evok Dual Note)
E4817 (Evok Dual Note)
E484 (Canvas 6 Pro)
E485 (Canvas 6)
E491 (Canvas Fabes)
HS1 (Canvas Infinity Life)
Q303 (Bolt Q303)
Q332 (Bolt Q332)
Q334 (Canvas Spark 2)
Q338 (Canvas Magnus 2)
Q340 (Canvas Selfie 2)
Q345 (Canvas Selfie Lens)
Q348 (Canvas Selfie 3)
Q349 (Canvas Selfie 4)
Q350 (Canvas Spark 2 Plus)
Q350R (Canvas Spark 2 Plus)
Q352 (Bolt Supreme 4)
Q352+ (Bolt Supreme 4 Plus)
Q354 (Bolt Q354)
Q355 (Canvas Play)
Q371 (Canvas Pep)
Q372 (Unite 3)
Q375 (Canvas Fire 3)
Q380 (Canvas Spark)
Q386 (Canvas Fire 5)
Q391 (Canvas Doodle 4)
Q392 (Canvas Juice 3)
Q394 (Canvas Juice 3 Plus)
Q395 (Canvas Amaze)
Q398 (Canvas Power 2)
Q404 (Canvas Q404)
Q409 (Bolt Supreme 6)
Q411 (Canvas Fire 4G Plus)
Q412 (Canvas Fire 4G Plus
Q413 (Canvas Express 4G)
Q413+ (Canvas XP 4G)
Q414 (Canvas Blaze 4G Plus)
Q417 (Canvas Mega 4G)
Q4204 (Q4204)
Q421 (Canvas Magnus HD)
Q424 (Bolt Selfie Q424)
Q4260 (Evok Power)
Q4261 (Fire Q4261)
Q427 (Canvas Unite 4)
Q427+ (Canvas Unite 4 Plus)
Q428 (Canvas Fire 6)
Q4310 (Canvas 2)
Q4311 (Selfie 2)
Q437 (Bharat Go)
Q438 (Q438)
Q440 (Q440)
Q441 (Q441)
Q452 (Spark 4G Prime)
Q453 (Q453)
Q4601 (Selfie 2 Note)
Q461 (Canvas Juice 4G)
Q462 (Canvas 5 Lite)
Q463 (Canvas 5 Lite SE)
Q480 (Canvas Pace 2)
V51 (MMX V51)
YU5011 (Yunique 2)
YU5012 (Yunique 2)
YU5014 (Ace)
YU5530 (Yunicorn)
YU6000 (Yureka Note)

[+] General Mobile

Discovery 2 



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