Download PassMark OSForensics Pro 6.1.1005 Full Crack


Download PassMark OSForensics Pro 6.1.1005 Full Crack

PassMark OSForensics Pro is the most comprehensive and detailed application analysis software installed on your computer. OSForensics allows you to identify suspicious and active files with hash combinations, compare drive signatures, e-mail, memory and binary data. It allows you to extract forensic evidence from a computer quickly with advanced file indexing and searching and allows managing this data effectively.

Download PassMark OSForensics Pro 6.1.1005 Full Crack
Download PassMark OSForensics Pro 6.1.1005 Full Crack

In addition, PassMark OSForensics Pro is equipped with a recovery feature, so you can restore files that have been isolated by your windows system because it is considered suspicious. You can also see how often each application installed on your window is available. So if you feel the application is very little used and is not too important, then you can disable these applications to reduce memory usage on the computer.

Main feature

  • First of all, find files faster, search by file name, size and time.
  • Search for file content using the Zoom Search tool.
  • Similarly search through email archiving from Outlook, Thunderbird, Mozilla and more.
  • Restore and search deleted files.
  • Discover recent activity on website visits, download and login.
  • Furthermore collect detailed system information.
  • Certainly recover passwords from web browser, decode office documents.
  • Discover and reveal hidden areas in your hard disk.
  • Browse the Volume copy to see previous versions of the file.
  • Verify and match files with MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-256 hashes.
  • Find files that have a name that is not where the content does not match their extension.
  • Create and compare drive signatures to identify differences.
  • Most noteworthy the timeline viewer provides a visual representation of system activity over time.
  • The file viewer can display streams, hex, text, images and meta data.
  • Email viewers can display notifications directly from the archive.
  • Finally registry viewer to allow easy access to Windows registry files.

Installation Instructions

  1. First of all download and extract files
  2. Open the installation file and install normally
  3. Similarly exit installation when completed
  4. Finally Use Crack or Patch to activate
  5. Accomplished.

Link Download

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Download PassMark OSForensics Pro 6.1.1005 Full Crack


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