Download LineageOS 15.1 Arrives Unofficially For OnePlus 6


OnePlus devices have always been popular because of the pricing that has always hit that sweet spot between flagships and low-end phones. Over the years, flagships have managed to differentiate themselves from devices having similar specs, to an extent. For example, a OnePlus 6 is no match for a Galaxy S9 if you’re not concerned about money. The price for OnePlus flagships has also been nearing the flagship price point lately. Despite the increasing prices of OnePlus devices though they’re still great value for money. They’ve filled in nicely into the market spot left vacant by Nexus devices from Google. Thus, OnePlus flagships enjoy almost as great a developer support. OnePlus 6, for instance, launched in May 2018 and two months down the road it already has an unofficial LineageOS 15.1 build for it.

LineageOS 15.1 Photos For OnePlus 6:

Download LineageOS 15.1 Arrives Unofficially For OnePlus 6 Download LineageOS 15.1 Arrives Unofficially For OnePlus 6 Download LineageOS 15.1 Arrives Unofficially For OnePlus 6

This LineageOS build for the OnePlus 6 has been put together by LuK1337, based on the Android Open Source Project. I’ve been following the development of the ROM since the first release. It has been updated quite regularly and has already received about 15 updates in 10 days. It is safe to say that the ROM is still under active development and a work in progress. Despite that, the ROM is pretty stable and suitable as a daily driver if you’re bored with Oxygen OS. It should be noted though that you will lose out on most of the Oxygen OS tweaks and features such as the gesture navigation.


Before you go ahead and install the ROM, you must be ready to deal with the issues. Furthermore, installing custom ROMs can prove to be quite the risk and you may end up with an unusable device. Neither the developer of the ROM nor takes any responsibility for anything that happens to your device. Proceed at your own responsibility.

Requirements OnePlus 6

  • Unlocked bootloader.
  • TWRP recovery

Download ROM and File LineageOS 15.1 Arrives Unofficially For OnePlus 6:

Flash Install ROM LineageOS 15.1  OnePlus 6:

  1. Flash Twrp
  2. Download ROM, Gapps, Magisk copy to phone or sdcard
  3. In the recovery, select Wipe > Advanced Wipe, then select just the data and cache partitions and swipe at the bottom to wipe them.
  4. Now select Install and then select the downloaded LineageOS file, swipe at the bottom to flash it. Select Install again and this time flash the TWRP installer zip.
  5. Flash gapps, Magisk
  6. Go to Reboot and select Recovery. This will reboot your device into recovery.
  7. Flash the GApps now as you flashed the ROM.
  8. Select Reboot > System.
  9. Done

Now if everything went right, you should see the LineageOS bootanimation, which can stay on your screen slightly longer than normal. After the first boot, every boot will take the usual amount of time.



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