MPC-HC v1.8.3 Full Cracked Latest Free Download


MPC-HC (Media Player Classic – Home Center) may be a name of the Windows users. By this is a video application application has the life of pretty longer and the peer override the video player support to be in full format and complete free. Like if you are an Android phone user, probably the MX Player Pro is a can not be ignored.

 MPC-HC v1.8.3 Full Cracked Latest Free Download

Intro MPC-HC v1.8.3 :

Media Player Classic Home Cinema was released in 2006 to replace Media Player Classic 2003. A special feature of the free player is an integrated media codec that allows you to play many video and audio file formats. bar without the installation of third-party tools.

MPC-HC (Media Player Classic – Home Center) is a free and lightweight video and audio player for Windows users. MPC-HC is very safe to use and does not contain any sophisticated spyware, adware or toolbars. As you all know, the main development team of the app has stopped growing from v1.7.13. However, since this is an open source project, the MPC HC is still supported by development support members on newer versions.

 MPC-HC v1.8.3 Full Cracked Latest Free Download
MPC-HC v1.8.3 Full Cracked

Changes from 1.8.2 to 1.8.3:

* Updated LAV Filters to v0.73

+ Improved cover art selection when a file contains multiple embedded covers
+ Added advanced option for controlling usage of Youtube-DL
+ Excluded certain URLs from being processed by Youtube-DL (for example direct file links and URLs without domain)

! Fixed crash when accessing info page of web interface

Download MPC-HC v1.8.3 Final:



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