Top 5 best websites check typing speed


Check typing speed, top 5 best websites. Current typing is very important for any job. It will form a habit until you don’t need to see the keyboard and you can complete the text. But do you know how much your typing speed is? In this article, Serialgen will introduce you to the top 5 best typing speed test websites.

Top 5 best check typing speed test websites

Speed test results are calculated according to:

  • CPM: The number of characters you type in 1 minute.
  • WPM: Number of words you type in 1 minute.
  1. Typeracer.

Typeracer is a Web site that has a long life. In the past it only supported English but recently it also supported Vietnamese. If you are a regular person working with English. Then this tool will be a great place for you to test and train your typing speed.

In addition to checking typing speed, Typeracer is an application that can help you improve your computer typing skills a lot. Why? Because when you play you will be a car racer with the speed of your typing. Therefore, you need to concentrate highly to type in each word correctly. And speed up your car faster than other players.

Top 5 best websites check typing speed
Top 5 best websites check typing speed


2. 10fastfingers.

With the 10fastfingers page you can easily check your current typing speed with just a few steps. First, visit the website via the link here. Then, re-type the words that appear on the screen, which will show the time when you complete the whole number.

After you have typed the whole thing, your typing speed parameter will appear. And now you know your typing speed.

3. TypingTest.

TypingTest supports a lot of languages like Typeracer including English, French … However, if you want to check Vietnamese speed, this tool will not be suitable for you.

Next is TypingTest, with TypingTest, you can choose the language to test including English, French, Dutch … Here also shows the time for you to do so, giving the level and ability Where to type your computer.

Top 5 best websites check typing speed
Top 5 best websites check typing speed

4. Typing Speed Test.

Typing Speed Test is also a great online application for checking your typing speed. Although the Vietnamese language is not supported, the website has a friendly interface. And it deserves to be in the 4th position on this list.

5. Learn 2 Type.

Learn 2 Type is also a great tool to help you know your typing speed. After completing the text, press the Test me button and you will receive your current results immediately. However, this application has a bad interface and it does not support Vietnamese.

hrough the article, Serialgen shared with you the best typing speed test websites. With these websites, you can test and improve your typing skills. Hopefully the article will help you.

Thank you for reading this article!


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